In 1999 Mats (Gustafsson) asked me to be a step-in for Peter Jansson on a US tour with his group ”Aaly Trio”. This was my first time ever in the US, and with Mats, Kjell (and Ken Vandermark who was a guest on this tour) I toured all over the US. We ended up in Chicago and performed together with the “DKV Trio” (Ken Vandermark, Kent Kessler and Hamid Drake). It was amazing to meet the musicians in the vibrant Chicago scene for the first time, something that led to a lot of collaborations since then. A studio recording was also done with ‘Aaly + DKV’ which later got released on Okka Disk as the album “Double Or Nothing”.



DKV/Aaly Trio ”Double or Nothing” (Okkadisk – 2000)