Fredrik Ljungkvist – reeds
Magnus Broo – trumpet
Håvard Wiik – piano
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – bass
Paal Nilssen-Love – drums

This Scandinavian collective was established in 2000 and after nearly 12 years of working together, Atomic still remains one of my most important groups. We manage to challenge and inspire each other to search out new musical territories. This group is constantly endeavoring to define what jazz means to US, and how WE think it should sound today. Atomic is a family affair and I believe our music grows stronger with each new recording!!

We will tour Europa in May, here’s the dates:

May 18 – Atomic/Cinema Teatro Torresino, Padova (Italy)

May 19 – Atomic/Cerkno Jazz Festival (Slovenia). Also solo concert by Havard Wiik

May 21 – Atomic/Ring Ring Festival Belgrade (Serbia)

May 22 & 23 – Atomic/ La Cova del Drac – Jazzroom , Barcelona (Spain)

May 25 – Atomic/Museo Picasso, Malaga (Spain)

May 26 – Atomic/Jazz ao Centro festival, Coimbra (Portugal)

Buy our music from our Bandcamp site!

Listen to: Here Comes EverybodyTheater Tilters Vol 1Theater Tilters Vol 2DistilRetrogradeLive in SeattleHappy New EarsBikini TapesNuclear Assembly Hall –  Boom BoomFeet Music

Read the Atomic Bio here.

Labels: JazzLand Recordings, Atavistic, OkkaDisk, NoBusiness Records, Web: Atomic’s Site, Agent: Danielle Oosterop
Facebook page: AtomicJazz, MySpace Page: Atomic on Myspace



Atomic – Lucidity

Atomic – There’s a hole in the mountain

Here Comes Everybody (Jazzland – 2011)

Bikini Tapes – vinyl edition (No Business Records – 2010)

Boom Boom – vinyl edition (No Business Records – 2010)

Theater Tilter Vol 2 (Jazzland – 2010)

Theater Tilter Vol 1 (Jazzland 2010)

Atomic School Days “Distill” (Okkadisk – 2008)

Retrograde (Jazzland 2008)

Atomic School Days “Nuclear Assembly Hall” (Okkadisk – 2006)

Happy New Ears (Jazzland – 2006)

Bikini Tapes (Jazzland 2005)

Atomic VS Vandermark 5 – The Flammable Poster Box set (Attavistic – 2004)

Boom Boom (Jazzland 2003)

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