Portrait on German Radio/BR Klassik’s ‘Jazztime’ by Sirius W. Palzzad

I’m very honored to’ve been portrayed on German Radio/BR Klassik’s ‘Jazztime’ in an interview by Sirius W. Palzzad. He is playing music from a variaty of my bands and collaborations (in order of apparence: The Young Mothers, Atomic, IHF ‘Oslo’ Kvintett, IHF/Håkon Kornstad Duo, The Cherry Thing, Jason Adasiewicz’s Sun Rooms, IHF/Nate Wooley/Joe Morris/Joe McPhee Quartet,  and my Chicago Quintet). The program was aired back on Nov. 20th 2014 and you can check it out here :

Updated spring schedule!

30 – Angles 3 (with Martin Küchen and Kjell Nordesson), The Loft/UCSD Campus, San Diego
31 – Angles 3, Michael Todd’s Studio (2817 Clearwater Street), LA


1 – Angles 3, Grange Hall/Ojai
3 – Angles 3, Center For New Music/San Fransisco
8 – Atomic, Dokkhuset/Trondheim
11 – Atomic, Pardon To Tu, Warsaw
15 – Atomic, St Johann, Austria
16 – Atomic, Nefertiti, Gothenburg/Sweden

25 – The Thing, Katowice JazzArt festival http://jazzartfestival.eu/ – Katowice, PO
26 – The Thing, Café Wagner http://www.wagnerverein-jena.de/ – Jena, DE
27 – The Thing, Bunker Ulmenwall http://bunker-ulmenwall.org/ – Bielefeld, DE
28 – The Thing, Kulturbrauerei http://www.kulturbrauerei.de/ – Berlin DE
29 – The Thing, Jazzit http://www.jazzit.at/site/ – Salzburg, AT
30 – The Thing, Thirsty Ear festival, Zagreb, HR


1 – The Thing, Kulturforum Villach http://www.kulturforumvillach.at/ at Bambergsaal – Villach AT
13 – The Thing, Ex Teresa Arte Actual/El Niche, Mexico City
14 – Solo/Duo/Trio: Lori Goldston, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Mazen Kerbaj, Ex Teresa Arte Actual/El Nicho, Mexico City
14 May, Duo: Ignaz Schick (turntablist / Berlin), Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Centro Cultural de España/El Nicho, Mexico City

16 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Antwerp, Belgium | Sound In Motion
17 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Cologne, Germany | Stadtgarten
19 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Cerkno, Slovenia | Jazz Cerkno Festival
20 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Geneva, Switzerland | AMR
21 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Schorndorf, Germany | Club Manufaktur
22 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Weikersheim, Germany | Club W71
24 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Vienna, Austria| Martinschlössl
25 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Graz, Austria| Stockwerk Jazz
26 – Dave Rempis Percussion Quartet, Wels, Austria| Schlacthof

Spring Scheule 2016


6-16 : IPA Japan tour
28 – Starlite Hotel:  Victoria Teater (Nasjonal Jazzscene), Oslo
29 – Starlite Hotel: Skiensjazzdraget/Nylyd, Skien
30 –  Starlite Hotel: Finsejazz 2016, Finse


1 – Starlite Hotel:  PØKK, Trondheim
4 – Atomic: Pitt-Inn, Tokyo
6 – Atomic: Super Deluxe, Tokyo
7 – Atomic: Candy, Chiba
9 – Atomic: Takuzo, Nagoya
10 – Atomic, Environmant Og, Osaka
11 – Atomic, New Combo, Fukuoka
12 – Atomic, Big Apple, Kobe
19 – with Adam Rudolph’s Go Organic Orchestra, The North Door, Austin
21 – with Plutonium Farmers, Hole In The Wall, Austin
25-28 – No Idea, Austin
29 – with Lotte Anker/Pat Thomas and Ståle Solberg, Free Form, Trondheim


1 – with Lotte Anker/Pat Thomas and Ståle Solberg, Blow Out, Oslo
4 – The Thing, Carré Bleu/Poitiers/FR
6 – The Thing, Muzzix/Lille/FR
7 – The Thing, De Singer/Rijkevorsel/BE
8 – The Thing, Fasching/Stockholm/SE
9 – The Thing, Energimølla/Jazz Evidence/Kongsberg/NO
11 – The Thing, Nasjonal Jazzscene/Oslo/NO
12 – The Thing, Un Pave dans le Jazz/Toulouse/FR
13 – The Thing, Artacts/St.Johan in Tirol/AU

IPA in Japan!!

Just about to hit the stage for the last time of this tour in Japan with IPA, tonight in Fukuoka at the legendary club Jazz Inn New COMBO, which legacy is quite mind blowing, many jazz heavyweights played this town in various locations of this and other clubs through the years! This is the second time I’m going here in only two months. We played here with The Thing already back in December, and bizarrely enough I’m going back again with Atomic in February, its quite amazing to me that this three tours coincidentally happened to fell so close together (AND, not at least humbling that some of the venues are willing to book me here so many times in a row, phew!!)!

The tour been rocking and it’s a pleasure to again make music with Atle Nymo, Håkon Mjåset Johansen and Magnus Broo, who’s talents and musicianship never stop to surprise and challenge me! We’ve touched a lot of musical ground on this tour; from playing fire music with amazing Tamaya Honda and Mamoru Ishida at 下北沢 APOLLO(アポロ shimokitazawa apollo)」 to playing standards after hours with jazz students at Mokkiriya in Kanazawa! We’ve also been enjoying lots of fantastic foods (again!!!), hanging out singing Karaoke (epic!!!), and playing Uno (yes!!!!) while drinking Sake with locals at a tiny bar somewhere in the back streets of Kobe! Memorable times in other words!!!

In addition to this, I also had the great pleasure to play for the second time since December (then with Paal Nilssen-Love) together with friend and increadible koto player Michiyo Yagi, this time with the great Noritaka Tanaka, a very special concert that was!

The friendly and ever helpful people of Japan helps touring here run extremely smooth, never a grim face or rejecting gesture when trying to load the double bass into a small cab or a narrow train car (which is for sure a completely unique experience to me – i been literally thrown out of trains because of my bass!!). I feel very fortunate to be able to celebrate music and friendship in this way during a time where its easy to get overwhelmed and saddened by the fear, ignorance and cynicism that seems to be misleading and controlling to many people’s life today. I believe that music is an extremely powerful tool towords fighting this bullshit and I’m totally willing to continue having that rule my life instead, and having it take me to places like this! Thank you again Japan, your extremely rich and diverse culture, politeness and kindness, efficiency and ability of creative problem solving keeps blowing my mind. I cant’t wait to be back very soon!!

Atomic and IPA European tours coming up!

Wanted to share the dates for the next two upconing tours in Europe, starting with two nights in Berlin this coning Monday, Im so happy to also be going back to Lisbon for two days a few days later in the tour. This tour is followed by a week around Europe with IPA, Im looking forward to all this and hope to see a lot of people coming out to the shows!

ATOMIC and IPA, European Tours, November 2015

9 Nov, ATOMIC, Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
10 Nov, ATOMIC, Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
11 Nov, ATOMIC, Gdansk International Jazzfestival, Poland
12 Nov, ATOMIC, SMUP, Parede, Portugal
13 Nov, ATOMIC, SMUP, Parede, Portugal
14 Nov, ATOMIC, Lugo, Spain
15 Nov, ATOMIC, Olot, Spain
20 Nov, ATOMIC, Scalateatern, Stockholm
21 Nov, ATOMIC, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

22 Nov – IPA, Sound In Motion – Antwerp

23 Nov – IPA, Cafe de Ruimte – Amsterdam

24 Nov – IPA, Vaantaa – Helsinki

25 Nov – IPA, Jututtuppa – Helsinki

26 Nov – IPA, Glenn Miller Cafe – Stockholm


Summer & Fall concert/tour dates!

Th 27 Aug – ATOMIC @ Willisau Jazzfest, Willisau/SWI
Fr 28 Aug – BOAT @ Saalfelden Jazzfest, Saalfeleden/AUS
Sa 29 Aug – ATOMIC @ Saalfeleden Jazzfest, Saalfeleden/AUS
Th 10 Sep – THE YOUNG MOTHERS & PLUTONIUM FARMERS @ Sonic Transmissions, Austin/TX
Fr 11 Sep – THE YOUNG MOTHERS @ Sonic Transmissions, Austin/TX
Th 17 Sep – SUN ROOMS @ Guelph Jazzfest, Guelph/ON
Su 27 Sep – THE THING @ Bohemian Caverns/Washington/DC
Mo 28 Sep – THE THING @ Ars Nova Workshop at FringeArts/Philadelphia/PA
Tu 29 Sep – RTHE THING @ oulette/New York/NY
We 30 Sep – THE THING @ BOP STOP, Cleveland/OH
Fr 2 Oct – THE THING @ Constellation, Chicago/IL
Sa 3 Oct – THE THING @ Trinosophes, Detroit/MI
Su 4 Oct – THE THING @ Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor/MI
Mo 5 Oct – THE THING @ Gasa Gasa, New Orleans/LA
Tu 6 Oct – THE THING @ TBA, Austin/TX
We 7 Oct – THE THING @ North Door, Austin/TX
Th 8 Oct – THE THING @ Timucua White House, Orlando/FL
Mo 19 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Elastic Arts, Chicago/IL
Tu 20 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Elastic Arts, Chicago/IL
We 21 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ The Spot Tavern, Lafayette/IN
Th 22 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ The Euclid Tavern/Cleveland/OH
Fr 23 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Zula Presents, Hamilton/ON
Sa 24 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Casa Del Popolo, Montreal/QC
Mo 26 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Ars Nova Workshop/Philadelphia/PA
Tu 27 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Neptune’s Parlour, Raleigh/NC
We 28 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Conundrum, Columbia/SC
Th 29 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ The Mothlight, Asheville/NC
Sa 31 Oct – THE YOUNG MOTHERS @ Tampere Jazzhappening, Tampere/FIN
So 22 Nov – IPA @ Sound In Motion, Antwerp/BE
Mo 23 Nov – IPA @ Café de Ruimte, Amsterdam/NL
Tu 24 Nov – IPA/TBA
We 25 Nov – IPA @ Juttutuppa, Helsinki/FIN
Th 26 Nov – IPA @ Glenn Miller, Stockholm/SWE
Fr 27 Nov – IPA/TBA
Mo 4 Des – The Thing @ Pit Inn, Tokyo/JAP
Tu 5 Des – The Thing @ Tokyo, Super Deluxe/JAP
We 6 Des – The Thing @ Tokyo, Super Deluxe/JAP
Th 7 Des – The Thing @ Chiba, Candy/JAP
Fr 8 Des – The Thing @ Nagoya, Tokuzo/JAP
Sa 9 Des – The Thing @ Miyazaki, Lifetime/JAP
Su 10 Des – The Thing @ Fukuoka, New Combo/JAP
Mo 11 Des – The Thing @ Fukuoka, New Combo/JAP
Tu 12 Des – The Thing @ Kobe, Big Apple/JAP

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