Atomic and IPA European tours coming up!

Wanted to share the dates for the next two upconing tours in Europe, starting with two nights in Berlin this coning Monday, Im so happy to also be going back to Lisbon for two days a few days later in the tour. This tour is followed by a week around Europe with IPA, Im looking forward to all this and hope to see a lot of people coming out to the shows!

ATOMIC and IPA, European Tours, November 2015

9 Nov, ATOMIC, Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
10 Nov, ATOMIC, Kühlspot Social Club, Berlin
11 Nov, ATOMIC, Gdansk International Jazzfestival, Poland
12 Nov, ATOMIC, SMUP, Parede, Portugal
13 Nov, ATOMIC, SMUP, Parede, Portugal
14 Nov, ATOMIC, Lugo, Spain
15 Nov, ATOMIC, Olot, Spain
20 Nov, ATOMIC, Scalateatern, Stockholm
21 Nov, ATOMIC, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo

22 Nov – IPA, Sound In Motion – Antwerp

23 Nov – IPA, Cafe de Ruimte – Amsterdam

24 Nov – IPA, Vaantaa – Helsinki

25 Nov – IPA, Jututtuppa – Helsinki

26 Nov – IPA, Glenn Miller Cafe – Stockholm


Summer & Fall concert/tour dates!

Th 27 Aug – ATOMIC @ Willisau Jazzfest, Willisau/SWI
Fr 28 Aug – BOAT @ Saalfelden Jazzfest, Saalfeleden/AUS
Sa 29 Aug – ATOMIC @ Saalfeleden Jazzfest, Saalfeleden/AUS
Th 10 Sep – THE YOUNG MOTHERS & PLUTONIUM FARMERS @ Sonic Transmissions, Austin/TX
Fr 11 Sep – THE YOUNG MOTHERS @ Sonic Transmissions, Austin/TX
Th 17 Sep – SUN ROOMS @ Guelph Jazzfest, Guelph/ON
Su 27 Sep – THE THING @ Bohemian Caverns/Washington/DC
Mo 28 Sep – THE THING @ Ars Nova Workshop at FringeArts/Philadelphia/PA
Tu 29 Sep – RTHE THING @ oulette/New York/NY
We 30 Sep – THE THING @ BOP STOP, Cleveland/OH
Fr 2 Oct – THE THING @ Constellation, Chicago/IL
Sa 3 Oct – THE THING @ Trinosophes, Detroit/MI
Su 4 Oct – THE THING @ Kerrytown Concert House, Ann Arbor/MI
Mo 5 Oct – THE THING @ Gasa Gasa, New Orleans/LA
Tu 6 Oct – THE THING @ TBA, Austin/TX
We 7 Oct – THE THING @ North Door, Austin/TX
Th 8 Oct – THE THING @ Timucua White House, Orlando/FL
Mo 19 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Elastic Arts, Chicago/IL
Tu 20 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Elastic Arts, Chicago/IL
We 21 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ The Spot Tavern, Lafayette/IN
Th 22 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ The Euclid Tavern/Cleveland/OH
Fr 23 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Zula Presents, Hamilton/ON
Sa 24 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Casa Del Popolo, Montreal/QC
Mo 26 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Ars Nova Workshop/Philadelphia/PA
Tu 27 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Neptune’s Parlour, Raleigh/NC
We 28 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ Conundrum, Columbia/SC
Th 29 Oct – DAVE REMPIS PERCUSSION QUARTET @ The Mothlight, Asheville/NC
Sa 31 Oct – THE YOUNG MOTHERS @ Tampere Jazzhappening, Tampere/FIN
So 22 Nov – IPA @ Sound In Motion, Antwerp/BE
Mo 23 Nov – IPA @ Café de Ruimte, Amsterdam/NL
Tu 24 Nov – IPA/TBA
We 25 Nov – IPA @ Juttutuppa, Helsinki/FIN
Th 26 Nov – IPA @ Glenn Miller, Stockholm/SWE
Fr 27 Nov – IPA/TBA
Mo 4 Des – The Thing @ Pit Inn, Tokyo/JAP
Tu 5 Des – The Thing @ Tokyo, Super Deluxe/JAP
We 6 Des – The Thing @ Tokyo, Super Deluxe/JAP
Th 7 Des – The Thing @ Chiba, Candy/JAP
Fr 8 Des – The Thing @ Nagoya, Tokuzo/JAP
Sa 9 Des – The Thing @ Miyazaki, Lifetime/JAP
Su 10 Des – The Thing @ Fukuoka, New Combo/JAP
Mo 11 Des – The Thing @ Fukuoka, New Combo/JAP
Tu 12 Des – The Thing @ Kobe, Big Apple/JAP

63rd Annual DownBeat International Critics Poll

The results from DownBeat 63rd Critics Poll was just announced, and even if its a pretty absurd thing overall and you can question why so many amazing players never get listed there; I would of course lie if I said I wasn’t happy to find my name among so many of my heros for both Electric and Acoustic bass. Thanks for the love, DownBeat!!! :-)

downbeat 63rd crics poll on electric bass


















Downbeat 63rd critcs poll rising star



Sonic Transmissions program announcement


Festival dates summer 2015

Upcoming festival dates for Ingebrigt in Europe summer 2015;

– July 3rd, Kongsberg Jazzfestival, NO – with Lotte Anker, Pat Thomas, and Ståle Solberg
– July 4th, Kibneb Festival in Lensvik, NO – with IPA (Atle Nymo, Magnus Broo, Mattias Ståhl, and Håkon Mjåseth Johansen)
– July 4th, Antikvariatet in Trondheim, NO – with IPA
– July 7th, 5e, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, DK – with Lotte Anker and Gerald Clever
– July 8th, Jazzhouse, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, DK – with STINGRAY (Sture Ericson and Raymond Strid)
– July 9th, 5e, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, DK – with Lotte Anker and Sture Erickson Special Edition
– July 11th, Jazzhouse, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, DK – with THE THING
– July 15th, Teatret Vårt, Molde Jazzfestival, NO – with THE THING FEAT. JAMES BLOOD ULMER
– July 16th, Oppdal Kirke, Pilgrimsdagene, NO – with Gunvor Gustavsen and Andreas Bjørkås
– August 7th, Jazz Em Agosto, Lisbon, PT – with THE YOUNG MOTHERS
– August 27th, Jazzfest Willisau, CH – with ATOMIC
– August 28th, Jazzfest Saalfelden, AT –  with THE BUREAU OF ATOMIC TOURISM (Teun Verbruggen, Andrew D’Angelo, Magnus Broo, Jozef Dumoulin, and Hilmar Jensson)
– August 29th, Jazzfest Saalfelden, AT – with ATOMICIHF_by_Peter_Gannushkin-01

(photo by Peter Gannushkin)

Great review of the Rempis Percussion Quartet from Aftenposten

“Ingebrigt Flaten Håker has made a formidable contribution to the vitalization of Norwegian jazz during the last two decades. As a bassist in Element, The Thing, The Electrics and Atomic he have established a high quality on the map in Europe. He has also initiated collaboration with Central American musicians like Joe McPhee, Nate Wooley, Ken Vandermark, Joe Morris, Dave Rempis and Jeff Parker, all documented on first-class releases in Håker Flatens name. The Norwegian bassist live today in Austin, he figures on the annual critics lists in Downbeat and has gained a solid foothold in the American music scene.
The Rempis Percussion Quartet is one of the groups that build Ingebrigt Håker flat name in the US. The quartet is now in its eleventh year, and Håker Flaten joined in 2009, after living in Chicago a few years. The two drummers Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly forms the backbone of the Quartet, and they cover a broad field. The roots goes down to African and Latin American traditions that give nutritions to intense, changing and complex expressions. Ingebrigt Flaten Håker stands in the middle of the field and charging the music with creative energy. His playing offers familiarity, but it holds primarily an openness that arouses interest.
Dave Rempis switching between alto, tenor and barrytonsaksofon and burn away the traces of Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler. I saw the quartet at Mir a year before these recordings were made at The Hungry Brain in Chicago, and as I remember the Oslo concert, I would say Cash-and-Carry sounds a lot more fresh and edgy. It is possible to say that The Rempis Percussion Quartet build a new floor in the high and lofty Chicago tradition where improvisation gives us the view and the music offers airy jumps.” – Arild R. Andersen


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