Bugge Weeseltoft – keyboards, piano, sampling, electronics
Jonas Lønnå – DJ, programming
Richard ‘Rille’ Gensollen – hand drums, programming
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – el/acc. bass
Anders Engen – drums

Bugge started his ”New Conception of Jazz” in 1996 as a band to try integrating club-rhythms and House-beats with jazz improvisation. Whether or not he succeeded in fusing those genres is a matter of personal opinion, but there can be no doubt that he did create a”new wave” of jazz in Europe through his vision- and I’m very honored to have been a part of that. Bugge is a very generous musician and human being, and his success can be attributed to both his clever way of combining musical styles and his amazing musicianship. New Conception of Jazz toured Europe extensively and recorded many albums throughout the years. Needless to say it was an extremely important experience and a hugely inspiring time in my musical career.

Label: www.jazzlandrecords.com
Web: www.gubemusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/buggewesseltoft
Myspace: www.myspace.com/buggewesseltoft



Verve Today 2006-Compillation (Verve Records – 2006)

Compilation – Nu Jazz Anthology “The Best Of Nu Jazz” (Wagram – 2007)

“NCOJ – BOX” (Jazzland – 2008)

”Film-Ing” (Jazzland – 2001)

“Live” (Jazzland – 2003)

”Moving” (Jazzland – 2001)

“You Might Say – CD Single” (Jazzland – 1999)

“Jazzland Sessions Friday Night” (Jazzland -1999)

”Sharing” (Jazzland – 1998)

“NCOJ” (Jazzland – 1996)