Christian Wallumrød – piano & keyboard
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten – acc & el bass
Per Oddvar Johansen – drums & drum machines

This has been the longest lasting collaboration that I’ve been a part of, thus far. Close Erase was originally conceived as an acoustic piano trio, inspired by Paul Bley’s early trio’s and the work of  the Svein Finnerud Trio. Because we were constantly experimenting with and stretching the concept of the “trio”, after releasing two acoustic records we went in a totally different direction for our third release; utilizing keyboards, drum machines and electric bass we took a decidedly electric approach. We continued that trend on our fourth album “Sport Rock” which was recorded by Big Bang’s Øystein Greni in Oslo. In our 15 years together we toured Scandinavia and Europe, and after more than a decade of working together we ended the “Close Erase” saga with the  release of the 5CD box-set “R.I.P.” I dare to claim that “Close Erase” was a very important playground for all three of us- despite the fact that in all our years together we NEVER managed to agree on whether or not that night’s performance went well…

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“R.I.P.” 5CD box (Plastic Strip – 2011)

“Sport Rocks” (Jazzaway – 2006)

“European Improvised Music –Compillation” (NORCD – 2001)

”Dance This” (bp records – 2001)

”No. 2” (NORCD – 1999)

“Close Erase” (NORCD – 1996)