Louis Moholo-Moholo, drums, South-Africa
Morten J. Olsen electronics, drums, Norway
Anders Hana el.guitar, Norway
Frode Gjerstad sax,clarinets, Norway
Nick Stephens acoustic bass, UK
Paal Nilssen-Love drums, Norway
Ingebrigt H. Flaten acoustic bass, Norway
Børre Mølstad tuba, Norway
Sabir Mateen, sax and clarinets, USA
Kevin Norton vibraphone, USA
Bobby Bradford, cornet, USA
Lasse Marhaug electronics, Norway
John Hegre, soundman, Norway 

Frode Gjerstad started The Circulasione Totale Orchestra already in 1984 with the idea to play with local musicians in Stavanger so he could try out compositions and also be a place for younger musicians to meet and to try to improvise. At that time he was playing with Johnny Mbizo Dyani and John Stevens in the group “DETAIL” and he felt it was important to bring on some of the things learned from playing with them, to younger musicians.

Over the years, many musicians have passed through and the band have made 5 CDs with various versions of the band:

ACCENT, (Stevens, Kleive etc. 10 musicians) Odin, Oslo -89
ENTEN ELLER, Circulasione Totale, Stavanger -93
Recycling Grieg. Circulasione Totale, Stavanger -96
Borealis,  Cadence, USA, -98
Open Port (12 piece international band) ) Circ. Totale, Stavanger, -08

The current version of the band includes some of Frode’s musical friends from over the years