AtomicFredrik Ljungkvist - reeds
Magnus Broo - trumpet
Håvard Wiik - piano
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - bass
Paal Nilssen-Love - drums

Atomic was established in 2000 and already after their first two studio albums Feet Music (2002) and Boom Boom (2003), both their growing audience and music reviewers alike began to perceive them as an original flavor with an entirely individual energy that few Scandinavian jazz groups could match. Even though initially thought of as a sort of rebellion to the quaintness of the "Scandinavian Sound" which had become exemplified by Norwegian artists on labels such as ECM, Atomic found themselves becoming a new sort of unique sound on their own. An explosive blend of American free-jazz with European characteristics is how some reviewers have described them. Or better yet, "part academic lecture, part a fun night out on the town", is how the band describes themselves, and is what makes their sound truly Atomic.

While they make no secret of their admiration for leading American jazz musicians such as Duke Ellington, Archie Shepp, Charles Mingus and George Russell just to mention a few, the music of Atomic is also mixed with an equal love of European free jazz and improvised music. They regard the American and European jazz traditions as an inspiration rather than a restriction, as a springboard to set their own direction and position within jazz music.

No strangers to the touring circuit, Atomic were on the road almost as soon as they were formed, and they have since 2000 been touring extensively in Europe, Japan and USA. They have released 8 CD's and are now prepearing their 2010 releases "theater tilters Vol 1 & 2, this will be in connection with their 10 year anniversary and upcoming tours of USA (March), Japan (April), and Europe (September - together with Vandermark 5).

Previous releases:
Feet Music (Jazzland Rec. 2001)
Boom Boom (Jazzland Rec. 2003)
Bikini Tapes (Jazzland Rec. 2005)
Happy New Ears (Jazzland Rec. 2006)
Retrograde (Jazzland Rec. 2008)

Atomic VS Vandermark 5 "The Flamable Poster Boxset" (Attavistic 2004)
Atomic/School Days "Nuclear Assembly Hall (Okka Disc 2004)
Atomic School Days "Distill" (Okka Disc 2008)