The Electrics

Sture Ericson - reeds
Axel Dorner - trumpets
Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - bass
Raymond Strid - drums

"Should be recognized without qualifictions as an identifying archetype of top-flight improvisation", "A true Northern European super group"
- Jazz Weekly - Ken Waxman

Jazz, free jazz, improv and contemporary music in a melting pot, a highly original musical profile created by four internationally acknowledged improvisers:

"The Electrics shift smoothly across adjacent genres, edging over from free jazz simmer to intricate small sound mosaics. They vary pace and dynamics expertly, and the energy flow is unaffected by their collective descent to the molecular level of buzz, tap, purr and whirr. It´s a total music conception fully realized by highly skilled players who impose no limits on their instruments."
- The Wire

The members are:
Axel Dörner - trumpet: having expanded the sonic range of his instrument with various extended technics, he is a player in high demand by improvisers worldwide. Is playing with most of them from A to Z, including for example Otomo Yoshihide, Phil Minton and John Butcher. Is also a profile within the jazz tradition as exposed for example in Monk´s Casino (alongside Alexander von Sclippenbach and Rudi Mahall).

Sture Ericson - saxes and clarinets: after having spent a number of years as part of the internationally aknowledged swedish ensemble Position Alpha, and after numerous ad hoc anventures with musicians like Rhodri Davies, Chris Burn, Derek Bailey and Fred Lohnberg Holm, one of his preferred contexts is The Elecrtics. With far less google hits than the other members: "I only know of reedsman, Sture Ericson, from the other Electrics disc, yet he is outstanding througout"
- Downtown Music Gallery - Bruce Lee Gallanter

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten - bass: emerging in the late nineties as a mayor voice on his instrument, Ingebrigt has with his inexhaustible energy and endless imagination made many fellow musicians much happier. He quickly became one of the most demanded bass players and is currently playing in groups with, among others, Ken Vandermark, Mats Gustafsson and Paal Nilssen-Love, plus leading the group Atomic.

Raymond Strid - drums: was discovered by the world in the nineties as a member of the group Gush, along with Mats Gustafsson and Sten Sandell. A musician with big ears and an exceptional sense of group improvisation Strid has later in other trio adventures.One was formed with Mats and UK bass wizard Barry Guy, and another with pianoplayer Marilyn Crispell and Anders Jormin on bass. He is also a member of Barry Guy New Orchestra.

The Electrics has, so far, released two discs "Chain of Accidents" and "Live at Glenn Miller Café", both on Ayler Records - The band has toured several times in Europé and North America and has performed at international festivals in Vancouver, Seattle, Nickelsdorf, Tampere and Mulhouse.

"This is certainly that edge-of-your-seat sort of excitement where all you know is that something incredible is in store yet you never know whick direction they will head into next"

- Downtown Music Gallery - Bruce Lee Gallanter