"Tapping into rock's most primal forces with the fire and fury that's something to behold"
 - Mojo

"The Thing convert nouveau punk and vintage garage-rock into a roaring scream-up, but the sheer energy and love of the music keep gimmickery at bay"
 - Uncut

"The sheer power they generate from wood, metal, breath and muscle is stunning"
 - BBC

"Absurdly cool"
 - DJ Magazine

The Thing: The Great Scandinavian Power Trio
Only once in a great while does a group of musicians come along with an inherent discipline that dares to question the realm between the known and the unknown. Mats Gustafsson, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Love of the Scandinavian Power Trio, "The Thing," provide a language so determined in its musical complexity, boundaries literally and figuratively disappear.
This doesn't mean that these brilliant musicians do not respect what came before them, far from it. What it means is that their personal language is of such a progressive and impassioned approach, "style" cannot identify nor capture their ingenious and daring creative sensibilities. They have an unusual sense of artistic self awareness with a commitment that is a total expression of honesty and truth. It's a place greater than self, a place without prejudice, and a place of sacrifice where freedom in artistic values is worth fighting for.
Each one of these extraordinary musicians has redefined their own given instrument with an exceptional ability to transform life into art with burning clarity. Their music is one of mystery, yet hides no secrets. There is the suggestion of a "search," yet there are no questions to answer. In truth, it is a creative universe of intense conviction where sacrifices are made, lives are given but where few understand what this means. Gustafsson, Haker-Flaten and Nilssen-Love have made the decision to give that sacrifice. In my book, there is no creative faith greater than that.

Lloyd Peterson - Allaboutjazz.com