Trinity's Breaking the Mold may be the most Norwegian-sounding of any of the discs discussed here. Another followup record, the group's name is no longer applicable since Kjetil Aster (reeds), Flaten and Thomas Stranen (drums) are joined for this album by the keyboards of Morten Ovenild. The punny title and track names "m Old," "mo Lded," "molD er" and "Breaking Them Old" refer to the 2006 Molde Jazz Festival where the group recorded this music. The sax-bass-drums lineup is a classic format in European improvised music and Trinity is certainly aware of both past work and future possibilities. They apply a dark sheen throughout, especially owing to the moody keyboards. Breaking the Mold isn't quite as violent as the name might imply; the quartet often sound like they are pulling themselves back from a precipice.


Andrey Henkin/All About Jazz NY