On The Brewery Tap, Flaten's duet record with Parker, also recorded live at Belle Ville, Flaten has the delicious challenge of working with one of the masters of duo format. To draw a comparison between this album and Parker's long-standing partnership with British bassist Barry Guy (another excellent player) is misleading. The instruments may be the same but Flaten is a far more percussive, less melodic player than Guy, placing more of the lyrical emphasis, if it can be called that, on Parker. The 44-minute performance is broken up into three segments and the tone of the collaboration is slightly more combative. Whereas Guy might echo Parker's circular breathing, Flaten stabs at it, creating a wonderful three-dimensionality. Besides appearing together in Townhouse Orchestra, Flaten and Parker are new to each other and there is something compelling about hearing Parker adapt himself to playing with one of his musical heir.

Andrey Henkin/All ABout Jazz NY