After moving to Texas with my family in 2009, it didn’t take long before I was put in touch with Dennis Gonzalez and his family  -all of whom live in Dallas. Dennis is an institution and a creative force in the adventurous jazz scene in Texas. Throughout the years he’s played with many Norwegian jazz musicians and has always showed a huge interest in the music, and musicians coming out of the ECM label. We quickly realized that we came from similar musical backgrounds and because of that common ground we wanted to start a project that would reflect that. The following year, after collecting material for the project separately, we had our first performance in Austin of the music that was recorded as “The Hymn Project”. The album, which also featured Dennis’ sons, Aaron (on bass) and Stefan (on drums and percussion. Stefan is also a member of my group, TheYoungMothers), is comprised of music based on American and Norwegian religious hymns.

This album got by All About Jazz – New York, rewarded ‘Best New Releases 2011 – Honorable Mention’ in their ‘best of – 2011’.




Dennis Gonzalez & Håker Flaten ”The Hymn Project” (Daagnim – 2011)