I first began playing alongside reedist Håkon Kornstad in 1999 during the first incarnation of Atomic (Håkon was actually the originator of the band name). Atomic, at that time, worked as a quartet together with me, Håkon, Paal and Håvard. Frederik Ljunkvist and Magnus Broo have long since joined the group after Håkon’s departure in 2000 but i’ve been fortunate enough to continue working with him regularly. Håkon is one of the most talented and highly creative human beings that I know- and he’s currently expanding his artistic repertoire (which also includes graphic design!) through his studies at the Opera Academy in Oslo.

In 2007 we began working as a duo on a project in homage to, and inspired by, my late grandmother Elise Flaten and her recorded interpretations of religious hymns and traditionals from my home village of Oppdal, Norway. This project has become very special to me where we have made our own versions of those beautiful melodies and it has also proved to be both fruitful -resulting in three records for the Swedish label ”Compunctio”-and incredibly well-received. The recordings have appeared on numerous, yearly “Best of …” lists along with being favorably reviewed by the New York Times, who called 2008’s “Elise”, “a gemlike album.”


Mitt hjerte altid vanker I (Compunctio – 2011)

Elise (Compunctio – 2008)

Mitt hjerte altid vanker II-download only (Compunctio – 2011)