I met and played with Ken for the first time during a US tour with the Swedish band ”Aaly Trio” in 1999. This was the start of many collaborations for years to come. In 2000 we began playing together as ”School Days”, with Jeb Bishop, Paal Nilssen-Love, and (later) Kjell Nordeson. As a group we put out two albums and did several tours both in the US and Europe. “School Days” also made two records in collaboration with Atomic; the concept for these recordings was that the individual members of both School Days and Atomic, wrote material specifically for this unique ’big-band’ unit. I was also a member in the first edition of his ”Powerhouse Sound.” In 2008 Ken curated a recording project based on duo’s between him and four bass players: me, Nate McBride, Kent Kessler and Wilbert De Joode, resulting in the album “collected fiction”.  My recent work with Ken evolves mostly around the trio ”Free Fall” but on occasion he sits in with The Thing. Ken is an amazing improviser and a true innovator both as a musician and composer.

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”Collected Fiction” (Okkadisk – 2008)

The Thing with Ken Vandermark “Immediate Sound” (Smalltown Superjazz – 2007)

Atomic School Days “Distill” (Okkadisk – 2008)

Atomic School Days “Nuclear Assembly Hall” (Okkadisk – 2006)

DKV/Aaly Trio ”Double or Nothing” (Okkadisk – 2000)

School Days ”Crossing Division” (Okkadisk – 2002)

School Days ”In Our Times” (Okkadisk – 2002)

Powerhouse Sound ”Oslo/Chicago: Breaks” (Atavistic – 2006)